Pittsburgh Compline Choir

Veteran’s Service

veteransserviceWE REMEMBER THEM Sunday,
September 11, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. in Heinz Memorial Chapel

As part of Britsburgh 2016, the Pittsburgh Compline Choir and Friends will present a special service of remembrance honoring soldiers living and dead who fought to preserve our freedom.

The service celebrates the enduring bond established between the United States, the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations who fought and bled together. The service will provide an opportunity for the wider community to honor the service of surviving veterans and to connect younger generations with their stories.

Partnering with local schools and churches, the Pittsburgh Compline Choir will work to pair local youth with each and every veteran or surviving spouse attending the service, so that young people can hear about these heroes firsthand and establish a personal connection.

The interdenominational service will combine Scripture and poetry with great British and American music for choir, organ, brass and bagpipe. Musical selections include John Ireland’s beloved “Greater Love Hath No Man,” “For the Fallen” by Douglas Guest, Walton’s “Crown Imperial March” and Elgar’s elegiac “Nimrod.” In a moving memorial tribute, the choir will chant the names of deceased soldiers as submitted by the congregation and the wider community.

The Bel Canto Singers, part of the Pittsburgh Youth Chorus, will perform “To Peace” in the service under the direction of Shawn Funk. A brass quartet and bagpiper will also bring drama and pathos to the service.

The esteemed Pittsburgh Compline Choir will be joined by distinguished singers from throughout the city who are invited to join them in a spirited festival chorus. The choir will be under the direction of Alastair Stout, director of the Pittsburgh Compline Choir. Holding a Ph.D. in composition from the University of London, Stout hails from the Shetland Islands and has made his home in Pittsburgh since 2002. As a youth Stout became part of the glorious English choral tradition while a chorister at Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire under the direction of the Arthur Wills. Joining Stout and the choir at the organ console will be Anthony Rollett, Ph.D. Rollett studied at Cambridge University, where he was a choral scholar at Clare College, singing with John Rutter and others. He holds a diploma in organ teaching from the Royal College of Music (London.)
Fred Charlesworth

Chris Seifert

James Pyle, WWII

Vernon Q. Sheakley

Robert E. Harper

Jack Blackhurst

Charles Gonze

Donald H. Feick

John Keane

Francis Labouchere-Sparling

Coleman E Corcoran
WWII Private first class

George E Martin Jr.
Korean War Private first class

Ricky Martin

Thomas Donald MacPhail

Warrant Officer
Stewart Raymond MacPhail

Edward Brown Everhart

Warren Clayton Robinson

Warrant Officer Bandleader
Russell George Wichmann

Lawrence Rinehart

Arlo Lee Julian

Esther Klein

Paul Klein

Frank Battle

Lilah Battle

Albert John Steckel,
U.S. Navy – Seaman 1st Class.

Edward William Jaketic,

Eric Paul Steckel,
Senior Airman U.S. Air Force

Hilarious Witt,
Private, US Army, WWI

Gerald E. Cox

Arthur Hartle

Staff Sergeant
John Hartle

Robert Hartle

Owen Hartle

Robert Lobe Sloan

Arden MacMillen

Steven Kearns

George Kearns

Joseph Sharer

Russell G. Wichmann

David H. Bolender
1st sergeant

William P Weber

Cpl. James Brown, USMC died 11/28/1967

Alexander Vance Gilliland

Dale Alexander Gilliland

Chauncey R. Musgrave

Franklin D. Foley

Kenneth B. Gould

George W. Holfelder

James Pentland

Ralph G. Shooster

Margaret Shooster

Raymond Shooster

Jerry Balbot, WWII Army

Jim Beddard, WWII Air Corps

Kermit Beverly, WWII Navy

Jack Bosley, WWII Army

George Cohen, WWII Air Corps

Jules Desgain, WWII Army

Bill Gallo, WWII Air Corps

David Kennedy, WWII Navy

Larry Kushner, WWII Army

Conrad Martino, WWII Air Corp

Bill McElhaney, Cold War Air Force

Roger Murray, WWII Army

Fran Neely, WWII Army

Kenneth Patterson, WWII Air Corps

Joseph Roarty, WWII Army

Bruno Toia, WWII Army
Jack Travis, WWII Navy

Guy Tressler, WWII Navy

Bob Williams, WWII Marines

Bob Brown, WWII

Angelo Cammarata, WWII Navy

John Carroll, WWII Navy

Everett Cheesebrough, WWII Navy

John Cuddy, WWII Navy

Daniel Cuddyre, Vietnam Marines

Hal Cunningham, Korea Army

Jim Drew, WWII Marine

Robert DuVall, WWII

Frank Gervasi, WWII Army

Nick Gozik, WWII Army

Bob Greenwood, WWII Army

John Hagy, WWII Army

Eugene Heckmann, WWII Army

Robert Karas, Korea/Vietnam Air

Andy Lang, WWII Marines

Tony Lisanti, Cold War Navy

June McCormick, Gold Star Mother

Clara Metlin, WWII Nurse Corps

Roscoe Mulvey, WWII Army

Ed Nelson, Cold War Army

Jude Pohl, Cold War Navy

Guerrino Prola, WWII Army

Anthony Rago, WWII Air Corps

Charles Reljac, WWII Army

Arthur Roberts, WWII Army

Ginny Rye, WWII Army

Ed Sanctis, WWII Navy

Ed Schneider, WWII Air Corps

George Semencar, Cold War Navy

Don Trimbath, WWII Merchant

John Turnbull, Cold War Army

Chuck Utz, WWII Air Corps

Jim Waskowiak, Vietnam Army

Reggie Wrzesinski, Vietnam Air

Charles Barley, WWII Army

Perry Black, WWII Air Corps

Roger Carter, WWII Navy

Ed Deenihan, WWII Air Corps

Earl Denner, Vietnam Era Army

Fran Dugo, WWII Air Corps

Joseph Goff, WWII Navy

Dean Hirschfield, WWII Navy

Bob Hurt, WWII Air Corps

Ralph Keenan, WWII Navy

William Kinner, WWII Navy

Edward Kitko, WWII Navy
Steve Korba, WWII Air Corps

Rich Kosinski, Vietnam Army

Frank Laczko, WWII Army

Grant Limegrover, WWII Marines

William MacDonald, WWII Army

John Mincin, WWII Army

Bob Moore, WWII Navy

Marty O’Malley, Vietnam Navy

John Pawlik, WWII Army

Carl Reel, WWII Navy

Chuck Ritchey, WWII Army

Chuck Schaper, WWII Navy

Robert Thomas, WWII Army

Chris Brent

Hank Link

Enos Abel, Cold War Army

Albert Alimena, Air National Guard

Bud Banker, WWII OSS

Chris Brent, WWII Army

Armand Bruno, WWII Army

Ed Carnegie, Navy

Christopher Cawley, WWII Army

Don Chaney ,WWII Air Corps

Albert Crawford ,WWII Navy

Fran Culotta ,WWII Army

Charles Dudgeon, WWII Korea Navy

Jean Dusch, WWII Army

Rudy Golling, WWII Korea Vietnam
Army/Air Force

Kenneth Grau, WWII Navy

Sam Harper, WWII Marines

Harold Hess, WWII Army

Claude J Hoyer, WWII Navy

Ellis Jones ,WWII Army

Chandler Ketchum, WWII Air Corps

John Koltick, WWII Army

William Krovchek, WWII Army

Jack Loney, WWII Korea Navy

Harry Loughry, WWII Army

Lee McFadden, WWII Navy

Bob Oehling, WWII Army

Fran Perri, WWII Navy

George Priatko, WWII Army

Joe Puharic, WWII Navy

Bernie Queneau, WWII Navy

Babe Rauch, WWII Army

Francis Rifugiato, WWII Army

Ed Rock, WWII Army

Herman Rosner, WWII Army

George Ruck, WWII Army

Jim Scanlon, WWII Korea Army

John Smith, WWII Army

Richard Straley, WWII Army

Walter Sweeney, WWII Army

Bill Thompson, WWII Marines

Jim Turnley, WWII Air Corps

Val Valenti, WWII Army

John Van Horn, WWII Army

Joseph Vater, WWII Army

Howard Waag, WWII Army

Edward Wenger, WWII Air Corps

Dave Westerman, Korea Army

Thomas Bartko, WWII Navy

Chuck Batto, WWII Marines

Jeff Davis, WWII Navy

Ron Dove, WWII Army Air Corps

Russell Gephart, WWII Navy

Leonard Heisey, WWII Army Air Corps

John Peters, WWII Army Air Corps

Elmer Poppi, WWII Navy

Matt Rebrovic, WWII Army Air Corps

Jerry Reedy, WWII Army

Bernie Windstein, WWII Navy

Paul Yanak, WWII Army

James Wilkes, WWII Navy

Jim Theys, WWII Army Air

Rose Clayton, WWII Rosie the Riveter

Michael Cocchiola, WWII Army Air Corps

Wesley Coltman, WWII Army

Sheila Conley, Navy WAVE

Gale Dodd, WWII Navy, Korea Army

Wilbur Driscoll, WWII Merchant Marine

Raymond Gehl, WWII Army Air Corps

Sam Gozion, Korea Army

Bob Guenther, WWII Navy

Michael Jugan, Jr., WWII Army Air Corps

Charles Kaifes, WWII Army

John Kohut, WWII Army

Frank Krieger, WWII Navy

Warren Kuhlber, WWII Army Air

Bill Lewis, Air Force

Henry Link, WWII Navy

Michael Martier, WWII Army

John Mawhinney WWII Army

Clare ‘Mick’ McDermott, WWII Army

Al Mittelmeier, WWII Army

Al Patti, WWII Navy

Frank Pegher, WWII Army

Edgar Sims, Jr., WWII Army

Jim Tindall, WWII Marines

Robert Worbois, WWII Army

Keith Worme, WWII Army

Leo Albrecht, WWII Army

Hugo Alicandro, WWII Army

Bob Andres, WWII Navy

Norman Auen, WWII Air Corps

Ben Beck, WWII Air Corps

John Belcastro, WWII Army

Harry Betler, WWII Army

Lou Bishop, WWII Army

Kenneth Bradshaw, Korea Army

Ernie Clayton, WWII Coast Guard

Tom Coblentz, WWII Navy

Bud Colon, WWII Army

Tom Cummins, WWII Army

Bob Daley, WWII Marines

Jim Damp, Korea Army

Edmund Datz, WWII Navy

Roxey DeMarco, WWII Army

Stanley Dennis, WWII Air Corps

Lefty Dornburg, WWII Navy

Donald Dugas, Korea Army

Manuel Fargotstein, WWII Air Corps

Joseph Farkas, WWII Marines

John W Felton, WWII Army

Don Fisher, WWII Marines

Richard Focke, Korea Army

Wendell Freeland, WWII Air Corps

Jim Gabelhart, WWII Air Corps

Karl Gaber, WWII Army

Tony Ginocchi, WWII Army

Samuel Goldberg, WWII Air Corps

John Gosnell, WWII Army

Edward Halluska, WWII Army

Bill Hannah, WWII Navy

Herb Hatfield, WWII Navy

Steve Hazy, WWII Army

Charles Heflin, WWII Army

Connie Henning, WWII Army WAC

Bob Hilinski, WWII Navy

Joseph Hilinski, WWII Army

Bill Hollenden, WWII Marines

Bob Holliday, WWII Air Corps

John Hozinec, WWII Navy

Norman Kanel, WWII Air Corps

Robert Klemens, WWII Army

George Kolsun, WWII Air Corps

Dick Labuskes, WWII Air Corps

Robert Lakes, Korea Marines

Gene Laus, WWII Air Corps

Bob Lautanen, WWII Army

Larry Macino, WWII Army
Matt Maljevec, WWII Army

John Manfredi, WWII Merc. Marine

Jim Martin, WWII Army

Pat McCarthy, WWII Navy

Gerald McCormick, WWII Army

Louis Miller, Vietnam Army

Bill Mitro, WWII Army

Tony Morris, Iraq Army

James Murphy, WWII Army

Charles Musser, WWII Army

Paul W Nied Sr, WWII Army

John Opeka, WWII Air Corps

Nevin Perkey, WWII Army

John Petrelli, WWII Marines

Tim Pfeifer, WWII Navy

Mike Pudik, WWII Army

Bill Purcell, WWII Marines

Jack Purcell, WWII Navy

Jack W. Russell, WWII Air Corps

Joe Sas, WWII Army

Robert Schroeder, WWII Air Corps

Raymond Schumann, WWII Navy

Michael Schurko, WWII Navy

Seymour Sikov, WWII Army

Larry Smith, WWII Navy

Dominic Spinelli, WWII Navy

Bob Spinnenweber, WWII Air Corps

Chuck Stanko, WWII Army

Milt Stein, WWII Army

Lee Thomson, WWII Navy

Harry Trautmann, WWII Army

Mel Vesely, WWII Army

Charles Volk, Korea Air Force

Allen Walbert, WWII Army

Robert Williams, Vietnam Army

Bronislaw Wrona, WWII Marines

Charles Wunderlich, WWII Army

George Yochem, WWII Army

Bill Biacco

Ed Ernst

Frank Niklas

Jim Hurst

Bill Krobot

Guy Proie

Lester Schmidt

Thomas J. O’Connor

Albert DeMarco

Vital P. Philips

Edward Engelhardt

Harry C. Otley

Kenneth B. Moyer

Samuel A. Jordan

Lt. Col. Vinton Fish

Michael M. Miller

Wayne Williams

Robert Pirohovich

Lewis John Bendl

Paul Benson

Kenneth Benson

Owen Francis Cranville British Army November 1939 – March 1946
Queens Royal Regiment – West Surrey England

Mary Matsik Connor

Arthur B. Connor, Jn.

Arthur B. Connor III

Denny Matsik

George Matsik

Anna Delores Connor Nassar

Matthew Mistrik

Robert E. O’Leary, Lieutenant WWII

Walter Kempf

William Kanick

Joseph Kanick

George Kanick

Charles Kanick

Joseph Galla

Frank Malley

Robert Shults

Philip Sheppard

Bob Russell

Elmo Dilanni

Charlie Pitcher

Oliver Marron

Warren C. Robinson

Francis Marion Darr

Regimental Sergeant Major Gordon

Highlander Danny Grant

Oliver Henry Marron

Duncan Philip Fell in the Great War (WW1)

Dean Streator

Phlip McCully, Ship Fitter First Class, US Navy, WWII and Korea

George B. Lappin

Dean Lappin

Norris Hensch, Marine Corp.

Ralph Maberry, PFC

George Maberry, Sgt.

Bruce Ellis, Lt. Colonel

Bill Ellis, PFC

Jack Burstedt, Sgt.

Chester Cambell, PFC

Rich Schafer, Lt. Colonel

William Hockenberry

Robert Lautanen

Joe Norwood

Danny Sullivan

Sgt. Peter Barcousky, U.S. Army

Pvt. Joseph Reckus, U.S. Army

Sgt. Walter Korpiel

Joseph Gordon Shultz, US Navy, WWII