Pittsburgh Compline Choir

Origins of Compline

the-choir-walking-inThe service of Compline originated during the Middle Ages in the monasteries of Europe as monks sang the final office of the day before going to sleep.

The Order of Service used by the Pittsburgh Compline Choir is an expanded and enlarged version of the Order for Compline as found in the Lutheran Book of Worship.

This contemplative service is almost entirely sung by the choir. Traditionally, one or more of the Psalms associated with Compline (4, 31, 134) are sung or chanted by the choir. Before the service, the congregation is invited to submit names of persons in need or persons who have died to be chanted as part of the evening prayers. The service reaches back to the time of an undivided Christendom and resonates with people from widely different faith traditions.

Members of the Choir, active in numerous different denominations on Sunday morning, are drawn together at dusk to sing the service in the candlelit beauty of Heinz Chapel. Every person is invited to enter through Compline’s wide door and touch the Sublime through the beauty of this mystical service.

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