Pittsburgh Compline Choir

Introducing Dr. Stuart Boyd Diller

Introducing Dr. Stuart Boyd Diller, born in the Appalachian highlands of Virginia.  He is descended of a long line of mechanists, many of which worked under Queen Victoria in the British Raj.  Much in the same vein, Stuart got his bachelors in engineering from Jefferson’s own University of Virginia.  Excelling in the field, he took his talents to Pittsburgh as a PhD candidate at CMU.  Since then, the newly christened Doctor Stuart is taking his talents to the private sector, where he is nurturing his own startup.  Following both the models of his ancestors and the great industrialists of Pittsburgh past, he is currently hiring (calling all roboticists).

Stuart has always been a fascinating fellow.  As a child he lived for a few years in French Switzerland, a stone’s throw from Geneva.  His taste in media has always been superb.  As a young adolescent he took on the great volumes of Tolkein and considers them an important part of his life.  This blossoming of cultural sentiment was simultaneous to his first forays into the world of music, and where his journey to the Pittsburgh Compline Choir began.  He started singing in middle school while still a boy alto.  Now the choir’s flagship bass, his voice is considerably lower, often shaking the pews!  He resides in Greenfield and enjoys playing soccer and engaging with the wider Pittsburgh community.

Introduced by Noah Dawgiello