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How to Apply to Become Director of the Pittsburgh Compline Choir

The Pittsburgh Compline Choir welcomes applications for the position of Director. A detailed job description is appended. Please review the Job Description carefully before submitting your application. You can learn more about the choir by visiting our website at http://pghcompline.com

To apply, please send us 1. your resume and 2. a letter of application (suggested content described below) for receipt no later than August 6. Please send you materials as Word documents to Linda Everhart, Secretary of the Search Committee, at Linda.Everhart@gmail.com. Kindly include your name in the file name. Additional optional supplementary application materials (CDs, programs, etc.) can be sent electronically to Linda or via postal mail to PCC Director Search Committee, % Linda Everhart, 4805 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. 15213-2804. If you have questions about the application process or about the choir, please email Linda or call Elena Swann at 412-576-4759 or Linda Everhart at 412-894-1880.

We would be grateful if you would take the time to tell us in your Letter of Application, some of the reasons you feel you are well-qualified for the directorship. The following four prompts may help you in composing your letter. Responses to the following four questions are not a requirement for job application. But the Call Committee believes your answers to these questions will help us understand you and help us evaluate your application. Please answer as many questions as you wish.

1. Psalm singing is at the core of the singing of the Pittsburgh Compline Choir. The Choir sings a lot of Anglican chant and sings a considerable amount of Gregorian chant. Please tell us about your experience singing and conducting Anglican and Gregorian chant. Please mention any courses or workshops you may have taken to enhance your understanding of these specialized styles.

2. While it is an all-volunteer choir, the auditioned members of the Pittsburgh Compline Choir are all highly skilled and experienced musicians. More than half of its members hold degrees in music. Please tell us your philosophy for motivating and engaging this kind of singer/musician.

3. The service of Compline is unique. Please tell us why you are attracted to directing music for the service of Compline in particular.

4. Directing and leading a choir requires a cluster of skills and not all excellent directors possess exactly the same cluster of skills. These skills include things like:

This list is not exhaustive but just a suggestion of some of the skills needed for the job. You will probably have other things in mind. Please tell us three or more skills that you feel are possibly the strongest assets you would bring to the job of director of the Compline Choir.

Thank you for your interest in the position. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pittsburgh Compline Choir Director Call Committee

Brian Bennett, LUC Campus Pastor
Linda Everhart
Ann Labounsky
Jim Needles
Elena Swann

Lutheran Campus Ministry in Greater Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Compline Choir Director Job Description

The Director of the Pittsburgh Compline Choir Director supports the following Long Term Goals and Objectives:

Responsibilities of the Director of the Pittsburgh Compline Choir:

The Compline Choir Director Compensation will be:

All offers of employment are contingent upon clear results of a thorough background check. Background checks must also be renewed every 3 years. Background checks will include: