Pittsburgh Compline Choir


Another season has wrapped up for the Pittsburgh Compline Choir (admittedly the most challenging one yet).

We are eternally grateful to Pastor Brian Bennett, the board of the Lutheran Campus Ministry, our friends at First Lutheran, our guest pastors and singers, and those who took part in our services virtually for the past year.

Above all earthly gratitudes, we are thankful to the members of the Pittsburgh Compline Choir. Some sang with us virtually, some sang with us in person, and some prayed for us as we worked to keep this ministry going in the face of a global pandemic.

It is our hope to return to some increasingly normal worship in the fall. We will continue to look toward the science, the data, and Christ’s example of caring for the least among us as we navigate the future.

Peace, Dr. Mark A. Boyle – Director, Pittsburgh Compline Choir


The service of Compline originated during the Middle Ages in the monasteries of Europe as monks sang their prayers for peace and forgiveness before going to sleep. The service at Heinz Chapel is almost entirely sung by the choir. Every person is warmly invited to experience the transcendent beauty of this mystical service.

A Cooperative Ministry of Lutheran Campus Ministry in Greater Pittsburgh and First English Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Visit our calendar for a full schedule of services and performances.